In 2017 I wrote and recorded a song “Blessings” that sparked a season of consecration and personal reflection. I began to study scriptures dealing with blessings, and God began to reveal truths to me concerning His Word.


I was first impacted by how MANY blessings are commanded and spoken over me in God’s Word.    Upon reading holy scripture I began to write and recite daily affirmations to enter agreement with God’s spoken promises for His children.  Knowing this commanded blessing is accessible to EVERYONE ultimately changed my mental and spiritual paradigm.


With these principles at work in my life I have seen breakthrough in my physical health, my family relationships, attraction of new business opportunities, and now feel empowered to live free from the bondage of fear!  While experiencing real-time manifestation in my life, I decided to share my journey on social media platforms using the hashtag #50daysofBlessings.

Upon the completion of 50 days affirming blessings over my life I emerged forever changed and received amazing responses from others following of breakthroughs they had experienced. Thus the “#50daysofBlessings” daily devotional book was born.  Writing, declaring, and following the principles outlined in this devotional has begun a new work inside of me and I feel an immense burden to share it with you!


The purpose of this book is to shift your paradigm to see your life as perfectly blessed. I want you to know that although situations and challenging times do inevitably come, God has commanded promises for His children to flourish.


This book should be read daily, one affirmation at a time. Set aside time to answer each question in the space and pages provided below each affirmation and reflect on what you’ve written.  By the end of your 50 days take the time and read all that you have written and declared over your life. 

My prayer is that you will see that you have created a massive, God-ordained vision for your life and a sneak peek into your future!  I pray that this time of reflection will forever change you and point your attention toward God’s eternal goodness and His will for you to prosper.  Feel free to read and discuss the contents this book with your friends, spouse, co-workers, or social media communities. Most of all, see, feel, and experience yourself as blessed!


Jason Shepherd 

“J Shep”

© 2017 by Jason Shepherd Standard Musik

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